Our Favorite Chili

Michael makes the most delicious chili. He will usually make some with 1-lb of meat and that only lasts a day or two (if we’re lucky). It’s so good to eat with the cold weather and topped with sour cream and cheese? Yummm.

Last night we cooked it with 2-lbs of meat so we have it throughout the week (it’s that good).

1-lb ground beef/turkey meat (we started using ground turkey for most of our meals recently)1 chili packet (we use about 1.5 for extra flavor)
dash of cayenne pepper (gives it a little kick!)
1 can of diced tomatoes (regular sized can..can’t remember the exact oz)
1 can of beans, if you like them 🙂
Sour cream, cheese, and onion for toppings, if you want!

20131219-102449.jpg20131219-102455.jpg20131219-102501.jpg20131219-102443.jpgOne thing I love about this recipe is that it’s so easy. You cook your meat, drain, and return to pan. Add all the ingredients (chili packet, diced tomatoes, beans, cayenne pepper) and mix together. Since we didn’t include beans, we added some water. There isn’t an exact science as to how much water to add; we just added enough until we were satisfied. Use your best judgement :).

20131219-102506.jpg20-25 minutes later the entire house smelt delicious and dinner was ready. Enjoy!

20131219-102515.jpgI know there are a TON of different ways to make chili. Feel free to post your favorite!

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