City Livin’

In the last few months I have made the move to Chicago. Like anything else, it has pros and cons. A few of the obvious ones include:
Pros: being closer to work & public transportation
Cons: expensive & public transportation
So far the city has been treating me nicely (although I have yet to figure out what I will be doing with my car) and I am saying goodbye to my Chicago Ridge apartment this month!

I forgot how hectic moving can be. I went through everything I had while packing (clothes included – yikes!) and came up with so much garbage. It feels good to eliminate a lot of what I didn’t need to make room for some of the stuff I actually do need. There isn’t much left to do – just have to repaint the walls, patch up some holes, and take down my kitchen table! The people of Southwest Movers in Oak Lawn were extremely helpful with my move! The men were so nice, fast, and gentle with my furniture. If you’re in the city or suburb area in need of movers, I highly recommend them! Also, if you’re still wondering, my Doctor Who puzzle is still not completed :(. Luckily Michael claims to be good at puzzles ;).

Michael and I have been busy between trips to Memphis,


cotton picked off the side of the road


the wall outside Elvis’ house

20131017-114145.jpg20131017-114116.jpg[a HUGE thanks to Melanie and Henry for letting us stay with you, all the delicious food, and taking us out on your boat!!]

attending our first Blackhawks game,


he surprised me with THIRD row tickets 🙂


and enjoying fall-like activities!


J: 9, M: 2


Michael is a great cook! Between the two of us we’ve made mini tacos, homemade pizza (with homemade pizza sauce), and an apple pie just in the last week and a half. I love cooking again but I’m glad he’s much better at it than I am (I don’t mind dish duty if he cooks :D).

Mini Tacos:
This is a recipe I found off Pinterest and was great to snack on during football games. You’ll need: a muffin tin, won ton wraps, ground beef/turkey meat, taco seasoning, and any taco toppings you enjoy.

Line your muffin tin with won ton wraps placed in the bottom. I used a mini-muffin tin, but either will work. Cook your ground beef/turkey meat in a skillet and add the taco seasoning according to package. Fill each won ton wrap with taco seasons ground meat, top with cheese, and bake for 8 minutes at 350. Top with your other favorite toppings and enjoy!

20131017-113654.jpg20131017-113706.jpg20131017-113724.jpgHomemade pizza & apple pie recipe coming this weekend!



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2 Responses to City Livin’

  1. Barbara Lis says:

    Love your blob. Why do you have to repaint the apartment? Won’t the landlord do that before he rents it out again? Don’t forget you still have stuff (from college days) at my house to go through. I’m also trying to clean up all the junk lying around. Got two large garbage bags the other day.
    Keep the blob going and the great pictures. Love Gram

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