3 Cities, 5 Days, & My First Haboob

The word “haboob” probably caught your attention so let’s play a game. Who out there knows what a haboob is, without the help of Google? Is it:

A) an exotic name for a dust storm
B) the name of a drink
C) the “sighting” of a UFO

Have your guess? Read on, my friends.

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix. Ready, set, go.

Just kidding, let’s rewind to how this adventure began.

Back in late May/early June Sarah, Carolyn, and I were sitting around my apartment joking about booking a vacation to Vegas. Fast forward to a few months later when it was no longer a joke and we had booked a hotel/made travel plans.

Sarah and I were planning to fly standby directly to Vegas but the night before it didn’t look like we would have gotten on. Begin panic mode. I looked at every possible flight combination and we decided it would be safest to fly into LAX. From there we would make our way to Vegas via…….?!? Bus? Car? Can we make any of those arrangements hours before our flight left?! Why have I not packed?! Begin mega-panic mode.

After a (large) glass of wine and talking to the nicest lady at a car rental place, we had our transportation method. We would be renting a car and driving from LA to Vegas. Since Carolyn wasn’t meeting us in Vegas until later that night anyway, we decided to spend the morning checking out California. This is when I fell in love.

California is BEAUTIFUL. Why have I never been there before?! We wanted to eat breakfast on the beach so we grabbed some Jamba Juice and bagels (where we got two free for our road trip just from being from Chicago) and made our way down to Manhattan Beach. This was, by far, the most relaxing morning I have had in a long time. It was so nice to just sit and watch the water. For those two hours (…that was how much we prepaid for parking) we had no where to be. That’s a place I need to visit again soon.

20130921-193102.jpg20130921-193123.jpg20130921-193142.jpg20130921-193157.jpgUp next? Vegas.

Side note: the drive from LA to Las Vegas is so pretty. Just be prepared to lose all your radio stations.

This portion I will explain in pictures with a few notes.

20130921-193232.jpg20130921-193244.jpg20130921-193306.jpg20130921-193351.jpg– DJ Pauly D was playing at Haze Night Club the Saturday night we were there. He was so late to come on and none of us really liked the club so we left. Sorry, Pauly! Maybe next time.

– We loved, loved, loved Marquee night club that was located on top of the Cosmopolitan.

20130921-193319.jpg– White sangria for lunch is a killer way to get rid of the previous night’s hangover.

20130921-193332.jpg– The “find my iPhone” app actually works. (Thanks, Michael)

Moving on.

Lisa and Carolyn both live in Phoenix so after our trip to Vegas Sarah and I planned on spending a few days in AZ. Perfect week to go because we got to spend Carolyn’s birthday with her! After arriving at the airport we learn our flight is delayed. By 6 hours. If you’re wondering what the best way to entertain yourself in an airport is (aside from alcohol), I highly recommend trying to walk backwards on the moving walkways.

8 hours later, we made it to Phoenix. Even though it was well after 11p when we got to Carolyn’s, we decided to hit up the hot tub. It was the perfect way to unwind after a long day in the airport. The following day was spent relaxing and trying to recover from the weekend. We went out to eat at a pita restaurant and I fell. in. LOVE. with hummus. Seriously, I came home and bought a container for myself almost immediately after getting home. On the ride back to Carolyn’s apartment our phones alerted us of a dust storm warning for our area. Lucky us! We experienced our first haboob! Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of it, but it was a pretty cool to see! How many of you guessed what a haboob was?!

The next day Sarah and I caught some sun while Carolyn was teaching but eventually our vacation had to end. Michael surprised me at the airport with flowers (such a sweetheart) and we made our way back downtown to fajitas and margaritas. Perfect way to end our adventure but I cannot wait for the next!!

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