Mani Monday

Annnnd we’re back with another Mani Monday!

A while ago my friend Sarah showed me the coolest trick. It is SUCH a big help I have been using it ever since. It really gives you the “salon manicure” looked and it’s really easy to do (with some practice)!

I used to spent at least an hour painting my nails to get them to look nice. No paint on the skin, a perfectly round section near my cuticle, etc. Well, I’ve been doing it all wrong. Here’s how I paint my nails now:


Then I take this awesome little paint brush (from Michaels Craft Store – $3) and dip it in acetone. It’s really important to find a brush that has the angled tip. It is a lot easier to use (speaking from experience here).


I usually wipe off any access and just clean up my nail. Once in a while it will take a few tries to get the polish off but it leaves the nail looking very clean! Don’t get frustrated if using the paint brush doesn’t come naturally at first. Just like anything like, practice makes perfect!


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