Nashville, y’all

This time last week I was finishing my meal at Jack’s BBQ on Broadway. I’m ready to go back.

Where the heck do I even begin? Let’s try the beginning.

On Friday morning Sarah, Dan, Jim, & myself packed too much of our stuff into Sarah’s car and began our drive to Nashville! I made a bet with someone at work that we would get there in under 7 hours so the entire way Allen was updating us on our progress. He was tracking me through the Find Friends app which is a little creepy to use on a daily basis but really came in handy on our ride. I’ve gone on a few other road trips – storm chasing (15 hours, 1 day) and to NY with the family (years and years ago) so I figured 7 hours would be a breeze. And it was! We only stopped for gas once, and that was when we were about 1.5 hours outside of Nashville. Right after that, however, we hit a giant patch of traffic putting us in Nashville at 7 hours and 14 minutes. I lost.

We stayed at the Millennium Maxwell House after a nice recommendation from my friend, Craig. It was such a good choice! We started to get ready after refueling (with food and cat naps). We played a few cards games as we got ready and talked about our plan for the night. Since we didn’t know where much of anything was we just decided to bar hop. Our hotel offered a free shuttle that took us to the end of the strip so we started there.




How cool, right?

Holy. Crap. Broadway (4th & Broadway is where we got dropped off – the strip runs along Broadway) is awesome. I honestly have never seen anything like it before. They close off that part of the street between 9p – 3a so there are people everywhere. The first bar we stopped at I discovered they sold Yuengling. BEST. NEWS. EVER.



For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of trying it, Yuengling is one of my favorite beers. It’s sold mostly on the east coast. My uncle introduced me to it a few years ago and I have it any chance I get. Can you guess what I drank last weekend? Yuengling. All Yuengling. Yum.

We spent Friday night bouncing between bars, listening to live music, and drinking lots of Yuengling (this will become a trend in this post).




I truthfully have no idea how I got up Saturday morning to do it all again (and then again) because it has been SO long since I drank two nights in a row. Call me old, whatever, but ain’t nobody got time for that anymore! Regardless, after a little breakfast and naps by the pool we were ready to go back at it.

Saturday was Jim’s birthday – Happy Birthday!


We spent the night going to the bars we didn’t get to the night before and spent most of our time at Honky Tonk. Awesome place!! Three levels, live music all night, and lots of Yuengling to be enjoyed. Happy girl. All of the bars stop selling alcohol at 3a but along the strip they sell hotdogs around that time. Brilliant idea. They were life-changing.


Sunday was our last full day in Nashville so we decided to spend some time on the strip during the day. We checked out Jacks BBQ and ate a delicious lunch. They cut the meat right in front of you which was pretty cool to see!


The 4 of us spent the remainder of the day outside by the pool, which was the perfect way to end our trip.


We stopped by Honky Tonk later that night but called it an early (aka earlier than the other nights) night. I’m pretty sure by this point my body was rejecting any kind of alcohol. Yes, even my dear Yuengling.


The drive home wasn’t bad! It took us just about the same amount of time. Going back to work Tuesday morning was a terrible reality check. Nashville is definitely a place I would go back to again. In a heartbeat!

Happy Sunday, folks 🙂


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2 Responses to Nashville, y’all

  1. Michael C. Hall says:

    The only time you use “ain’t nobody got time for that” and you get autocorrected.

    This is a sad day

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