Americas Got Talent Taping

About a month ago United emailed all of the employees offering tickets to the Americas Got Talent audition taping here in Chicago. They were taping at the Rosemont Theatre in Rosemont and the tickets were for the 12p-4p taping (there was another from 5p-9p) on May 8th-10th.


Well, what do you know. I already had those days off work. Being a fan of the show and not having to ditch work (joke) I got 2 tickets for Wednesday. Sarah’s also a fan so she ditched school (not a joke) and came with me.

Apparently tickets to this kind of event are free. Who knew? I would have paid to go (sadly, not a joke). Our tickets through United were supposed to get us seated in a special section in the front, cut the line, and brought in well before the general public. That’s if you arrived there by 11:30. We didn’t.

Sarah was up all night finishing her paper (only to find out it was extended..) and I was out with my mom and bro the night before for my birthday (post on those festivities later). So yeah, we were late. Sue me. Btw the parking was a little confusing so that didn’t help.

Well it turns out being late played in our favor. Boo-ya. We still got to cut the line (which was wrapped around the building) and from there we were just thrown in with the general public. Once we got inside there were “lines” we were supposed to join. And by “lines” I mean clusters of people around one of the doors. So whatever, we did what we wanted and cut everybody. Right before getting seated, this lovely man asked us how many we’re in our party and to come with him. Hello! We got put in the second row right behind the judges. Time to make our TV debut.



If any of you haven’t seen the show, you should check it out this season. Especially when they do the auditions in Chicago (set to air late June/early July) and look for us! All jokes aside, it’s a pretty solid show. It makes me realize that I pretty much have no talent at all. The judges this year are Howie Mendel, Mel B (Scary Spice), Heidi Klum, and Howard Stern (who is really tall). It’s the first year with four judges, so the contestants need three “yes'” to continue on. You can definitely tell this year they are a little more strict in what they are looking for.




Did you notice that Mel B has a cushion to sit on because she’s so short?

Before the show even started the crowd had to film a whole segment where we were cheering and then boo-ing. There wasn’t even anybody on stage. Scratch that, one of the producers was on stage and we were cheering for him. I’m guessing its for editing purposes. Whatever, I’ll cheer all day for my two second shot on tv. CAMERAS WERE EVERYWHERE. Of course they tell you not to look at them so naturally I wanted to. It was so hard not to especially when they walk up and down the aisle and put one directly on your face. Because we were seated right behind the judges, we had some instructions. After the act had gone off stage we were to not talk, mess with our hair/face/etc, and to just look ahead until the judges stopped talking because they kept filming for 30 seconds. I couldn’t even look at Sarah because I wanted to talk and laugh.

In between the acts I cannot believe how many times Mel B got her hair brushed and Howie got his head powdered so it didn’t shine. It was a cool experience to see how the whole thing was filmed and to be able to see it from (basically) the judges point of view. Would I go again? Absolutely.

Ill keep you all updated on when the Chicago auditions air. Look for us singing about dingleberries on TV (not a joke). Makes ya curious, right?


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