Mani Monday

This Monday I treated myself to a no chip manicure. Trust me, I love to paint my nails but there are just periods of time I wish they would last longer or I didn’t have time to for them to dry. First world problems, right?

The no chip manicure has been around for a while but has gotten more popular over the last year. When I first started getting them done it was hard to find a place that would do them (and do it well). Luckily, Sarah and I started going to Pink Nails on 98th and Cicero (for all you local readers) a looooooong time ago and I have yet to go anywhere else. From my personal experiences, I have never had a bad one there. I’ve heard of a few bad stories but you run into that everywhere, right? Anyway, they always do my manicures/pedicures and I leave a happy, happy girl. Needless to say today was no different. I usually have one guy do mine and wait for him to become available because he is so awesome.

The no chip manicure is a thicker, gel type nail polish that dries under a UV light. Most places guarantee no chips for two weeks so if something does happen they fix it for free. Mine usually last three weeks and I get them removed (or do it myself) only because my nail grows out and that bugs me.

I’ve read various articles about the no chip and how bad they are for your nail with the wrong kind of removing. Please, please, please remove them correctly or have the salon do it! They’ll soak your fingers in 100% acetone (which you can do at home) and although it might be tough to remove them it will work! Patience, my friends! :). Here’s an awesome article on how to remove them if you run into any questions!

The other benefit? They polish YOUR nails so they look natural and beautiful :). Ill post a picture each week so you see how they last.


Back to my puzzle…!

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One Response to Mani Monday

  1. Kat says:

    I love the no chip! I learned about it only just over a year ago and now needless to say I’m addicted. Mine never last the while 2-3 weeks because I have to do dishes by hand.

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