Mani Monday

I’m obsessed with glitter.

There. I said it.

I just love it, okay?

This week I put it on my nails. Well, nail. The same nail on each hand. So nails? Whatever.

I hopped on the “accent” nail trend a few years ago and haven’t really done much with it recently. Until now. With glitter. And I’m not talking about glitter polish. I put actual glitter on my nail. It was a mess to do but one I fell in love.

For Christmas I got a ton of nail polish from Kylie (she knows me well) and included was this nail art!


I painted my nails Essie’s “Topless and Barefoot” but left my ring finger on each hand blank. When I was sure my other nails were dry, I painted the empty nail with clear polish and stuck it in the glitter. Naturally it stuck all over my finger, but I took a Q-tip dipped in acetone and removed it. And then I removed it from the table and the carpet. Topped it with a quick coat of clear polish and was ready to go!



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