Mani Monday

I started seeing a lot of matte nail polish on Pinterest recently and figured a matte color would be the change-up I needed this spring. Everytime I clicked on one of the links it just brought me to a picture and not information on where to get it! BUT – I’ve solved the mystery.

Essie makes a top coat that changes your nail polish to have a matte finish. I always thought those nail polishes were made with a special matte formula, but this top coat lets you change any color. I’ve been a little obsessed with it.


I got mine from Ulta for $10. I’m sure you can find it elsewhere, but I have yet to find it outside of Ulta. Mainly because once I found it I stopped looking for it but my local Walmart and Jewel Osco didn’t carry it.

Below are 4 colors that I love to pair the matte top coat with. It gives each color a little bit of a different feel so I tried to include a variety! I choose a red, a blue, a nude color, and a brighter color :). The colors in order are Jelly Apple, Yogaga, Butler Please, and Mint Candy Apple. On each picture the sample on the left is with a Sally Hansen Quick Dry top coat and the right is with the Matte About You finish.








The weather today in Chicago is beautiful. If you aren’t around the midwest I hope it’s just as nice where you are! Makes me excited for summer! Happy Monday!


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