New Addition

After months of finally talking about it I finally took the plunge. I bought a car.

I’ve been looking for a while at different types of hatchbacks (obsessed with them) and wanted to find the right one for me. I looked at a lot of different models from Toyota to Ford to Hyundai. I compared pretty much everything when it came down to it – gas, what was included, color, interior layout, etc.

I asked Sarah how she knew she found the one during her car search. Much like everything else, she said you would just know. Well, she definitely wasn’t lying. When I laid eyes on my beautiful car in the lot I just knew it would be the one.

I was really dead set on black but after some discussion with some people I decided against it. Nothing against black, but with driving on the highway most of the trip to work I didn’t want to be able to see every little dink after a trip to work. The next question was, what the heck did I want now? I thought about a candy blue but knew myself. I wouldn’t like it after 3 months and then I would kick myself.

I really don’t know how to describe the color of my car. It’s so different. It’s a “violet grey” and looks a different color every time I look at it. In the sun you can definitely see the hint of purple but in the clouds it looks more of a blue-ish grey? But at night it looks black. So strange but I am so in love.

It’s such a rewarding feeling to know that after all my hard work this is something I have to show for it. That and my new insurance, of course. Check that off the goal list for the year! 🙂

Very special thanks to Karen Boll at Hawk Ford in Oak Lawn for all her help. She made the process so easy and enjoyable. Every one there was so nice. I was able to take my car home that day!! And thanks to Allen for referring me to her. I hate when you’re right.

Anywhere, here’s to introducing the newest member of our family. My Ford Fiesta!


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