End of Winter

The end of winter is a beautiful thing. Spring is officially here! I just wish it would feel like it (consistently). What am I most excited about in the next few months? Thunderstorms.

I think back about the last month and realize it was very relaxing. I loved every minute of it! During that time, though, a lot was planned. There are so many exciting things to look forward to.

We will be in Nashville May 17th – 20th! We have never been and I am so excited. There’s a group going but Sarah, Dan, Jim, and I decided to make a road trip out of it. The 4 of us have never traveled together so it should be a good time! The guys are both pretty easy-going and don’t mind going with the flow. I’m imagining Sarah and I are similar travelers. We’ll do a bit of research before we go so we make sure we don’t miss anything! All in all, I cannot wait for a relaxing & fun weekend.

If any of you have been to Nashville – what’s something we have to do/see? Any special places to eat at? And of course, a special thanks to Craig who helped with our hotel choice! 🙂

Saturday is the season continuation of Dr. Who on the BBC network. I can’t really say it’s the premiere since the season started, was paused until an episode aired on Christmas, and is now coming back. You better believe I will be drinking out of my TARDIS mug and wearing my sweatshirt all day. By the way, there is a marathon on ALL. DAY. LONG. Perfect way to spend the day after working a midnight shift. You now all know where to find me.


UM. This might be the best news ever. WICKED IS COMING BACK TO CHICAGO. Not until October, but that is definitely something to look forward to. I’ve had the album on repeat since I found out.


I am actually OFF work this year for Easter! I can’t wait to see my family and spend the afternoon with them. My Christmas dinner was cut short because I started work that night so it will be nice to not have to dine and dash. 🙂

If you haven’t had a chance to do your nails for Easter make sure you check out the tutorial by Amanda that was the guest blogger this past Mani Monday!

Have a good weekend!

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