Mani Monday

Welcome to the first Mani Monday post!

If you should know anything about me it should be that I love my nails. They are the one thing I will never stop taking care of. That being said, I’ve decided to start sharing some of my favorites! These posts will cover anything from designs, colors, tips/tricks, etc. The whole sha-bang. What better way to start than with a little DIY organization?

I’ve been looking for a nail polish rack for what seems like years, but it’s actually just since Christmas. They’re so expensive! Mainly because I would have to buy two of whatever I find because I have that much nail polish. And before you ask, yes I have that much nail polish that I use. When we moved back in November I tried to throw away what I didn’t use and what was old. Still, that left me with a ton. You’ll see.

If there is a * next to the item listed below, it was something I already had. The entire project costed me $36.

1-24”x36” board (for the back)
2-2”x36” boards (side pieces)
10- 2”x24” boars (the shelf pieces)
Spray paint (if you want to change the coloring of the wood – I chose black)*
Hot Glue Gun + Glue*


I started by spray painting each piece of wood. This took some time, but the Krylon brand paint dries witin 10 minutes making the process go a little bit faster. Once I was done, I layed out all my pieces.



I knew there would be a shef on the bottom, so I glued that one on first. Since the board is 36” vertically, I seperated the shelfs by 4”. It was hard to see the lines I drew, so I kept the tape measurer open and used it as a guidance. I only used 9 out of the 10 boards since I decided I didn’t want a top shelf.



Once all the shelves were glued on, I let them sit before attaching the sides. I let this dry overnight and fixed any areas I thought needed a little more support. This morning, Jim helped me screw it into the wall and it stayed! I was trying to get this done before I came to work so I only had time to fill one shelf with polish. Once I get back home I’ll update with a new picture when it’s full!


If you have any questions about making your own, don’t be afraid to ask! 🙂








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One Response to Mani Monday

  1. Amanda says:

    Jackie, I love this DIY nail polish rack! I want to make my own now!!

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