O’ahu, Hawaii


Just over a week ago Jim and I were walking around the shopping center of downtown Waikiki in 80 degree weather. Don’t even ask me what I’m doing right now because it’s nothing even close to that.

Hawaii is amazing. I was completely blown away by everything. It’s one thing to see it while watching TV (cough Hawaii 5-0 cough) but another to be there looking at it all. We got on a direct flight out of Chicago at 10a Friday and actually got into Hawaii a little early! Because of the time difference we got just after 2:30p. As soon as we walked out of the airport I knew I would never want to leave. (& I eventually did leave..kicking and screaming).


We stayed at the Seaside Hotel which was previous owned by United. When the merger happened they ended up selling it, but the new owners still recognize that it’s known to the employees which is awesome of them.


Our view from our balcony

We were STARVING after checking into the hotel so the first thing on our agenda was food. And stat. On the plane ride we started talking to one of the flight attendants and he mentioned to us a place called Cheeseburger on the Beachwalk that had delicious food. Also, at 3p their burger/appetizers/drinks were all $3, at 4p $4, and 5p $5. Pretty neat deal! After 5p they became regular price, but their food is so good. I didn’t think I was that hunger until a giant burger was placed in front of me.


Outside dining

Afterwards we headed back to the room to change and decided to check out the area a bit. Our hotel was just off the main shopping center in Waikiki so we headed into a few stores and found the beach. We watched the sun set from a dock on the beach and decided to stay for the fireworks. Fireworks? On the beach? Yeah, I was in heaven.




By the time we got back to the hotel we were exhausted. Jim worked overnight and then got right onto the plane. I have no idea how, but he didn’t sleep at all on the way there and had been up all day. Even though it was only 9p when we went to bed, our bodies thought it was 1a. Ugh, jet lag.

We got up early on Saturday and hit the beach! The walk to our hotel took us to more of the secluded portion of the beach which was perfect!! If you couldn’t tell, I love the sun. The water was so nice so we decided to rent some longboards and give that a try. Besides the crazy arm workout you get the longboards were so much fun! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stand up on it but I did it without falling (……..Jim did fall, ha!). I have to brag about him falling because he smoked me during the race we had.


Out longboards!


View on the beach..can’t beat that.

I wish I had my camera out there because the coolest part was seeing a giant sea turtle swim. Jim describes it as “two sewer caps big” and it’s a weird, but oddly accurate description. At one point I was paddling in and he popped up right next to me. There was a group of kids with masks and snorkels watching him, too. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

We enjoyed the sun and some more activities but eventually it was time to hit the bar. It was an outside bar just off the beach and we tried a local island beer called Longboard. I was in love and wish I could have brought some back.


We ended up meeting two really cool guys who live about an hour from where we were. They were both in the military. One just moved there (literally, less than 24 hours ago) and he came from Seattle to do medic work. The other was sort of his mentor? I’m not quite sure, but they were really nice!

We decided to enjoy the sun the rest of the afternoon and then get cleaned up for dinner. A lot of my co-workers recommended Dukes for dinner so we actually met our new friends up there for dinner. I was pretty impressed with the bartender because he knew everyone’s name. I mean, everyone. People would come up that had been there last night and he remembered them. I wish I could do that – I am terrible with names. Part of the job, I suppose!

We ate really good steaks for dinner and enjoyed the company of our new friends for the night. Somehow, while walking back to the hotel I stubbed my toe pretty bad. Thanks to Jim and our new medic friend, I was all bandaged up and taken care of :).

On Sunday our flight didn’t leave until 9:30p so we spent the whole day walking around Waikiki and shopping. I mean, there probably wasn’t an inch we didn’t see. The shopping centers were HUGE! I don’t know how big the Forever 21 is in your area, but this was three floors. Yes, THREE! So crazy. It was also the neatest (as in clean) I have ever come across. Props! There was also a 2-story Victoria’s Secret. Awesome.


How the VS was decorated..I love!


International Marketplace

Our flight home wasn’t bad because we flew to San Fransisco and then into Chicago. It was nice to break up the long flight and we got home just after noon.

Let’s just say I cannot wait to go back!

Ps, this was my first post from my new iPad!


“Thanks” for reading!

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