Universal Studios

It’s currently 28 degrees and I’m missing Orlando like no other. Sometimes I really think I have seasonal affective disorder. I need warmth/sunshine to continue my everyday tasks. *sigh*

I also really miss Bill. It’s fun to wake up and be with your best friend right from the start. I know what you’re thinking, yes I have Jim at home! Right now our schedules are so different. I’m up at 4a (gross, right?) and sleeping by 830-9p but he isn’t up for work until 10p and gets home when I’m already gone. I miss him too!

I forgot some stuff in our Island of Adventure recap so it’s been updated! The second half of our day was spent at Universal Studios!

I was here when I was really young and don’t remember much. I do, however, remember watching a game show and getting picked to be slimed. There has to be pictures of that somewhere.

First thing we did was eat lunch. I was so hungry. We grabbed some cheesedogs and amazingly seasoned fries at Monsters Cafe. Delicious. With a full belly I was ready to continue walking! (I had to go back and take a picture of the cafe – that’s why it’s dark out!)


Side note 1:Universal offers a really cool package pick up. I bought a lot of stuff at Harry Potter and didn’t feel like carrying it around all day and wasn’t able to bring it all on rides. If you choose package pick up at your time of purchase they send it to one location and you can claim it before you leave. It took about 2 hours to get there, but that was fine because we still had the whole evening ahead of us.

Side note 2:For rides that didn’t allow you to bring on anything they provided free lockers. They use your fingerprint to open and close the locker. How cool? (When you first enter the park they take your fingerprint and use it as part of you ticket as re-entry.) Of course the lockers are on a time limit, but they use the current wait time for the ride and add time after it. So fancy. Take note, 6 flags!

Just outside the entrance was a sign for Suits! I thought it was appropriate to post this today because Suits returns tonight on USA.


The park was so different than island of adventure and I absolutely loved everything there. My brother asked me about finding him the Family Feud studio and…I did! You’re welcome, bro.


We walked through New York (including Central Park) and San Francisco.




Went on more rides including the Mummy and Men in Black where I sucked at shooting aliens. We became minions and were unfortunately turned back into humans. I saw a Twister ride (it’s on my list to go on next time) and where they hold some Fear Factor auditions. I believe the ride at the bottom of these pictures is called Rock and Roll something? Awesome ride. Each seat had speakers and you were able to pick your own music to listen to for the duration of the ride.






Bill and I enjoyed a nice cold Yuengling while walking through the I Love Lucy museum. We saw a hilarious show that was about the evolution of horror makeup at Universal. The two woman who put on the show could not have done a better job. They reminded us of two girls out of the movie Bridesmaids (which we watched later). We laughed throughout the whole show.




There was a parade happening when we got out of the show that included all of the sections from Universal. My favorite were definitely the guys dressed as monkeys on the Dora the Explorer float. They were doing flips and tricks – it looked like a pretty sweet job! Afterwards we treated ourselves to a refreshing Blue Moon (our fave) and ventured around the coolest store: Spongebob.






By this time it was close to 7p so we picked up all my purchases and found a spot to watch the fireworks. There were water screens and they played the history of Universal on them because it was their 100 year anniversary last year (the celebration keeps in going). Fireworks accompanied the show which made it the perfect ending to our day.


Except that wasn’t the end annnnd we were starving. Zach met us for dinner at good ole Margaritaville! They have such good food. Our appetizer was volcano nachos and seriously, they were huge. And we almost cleared the plate. I love nachos. There were people walking around in stilts making crazy balloon animals. They were so detailed and people were wearing crazy hats. When I was little, the only balloon animals that were able to be made were dogs and swords. Times sure have changed! I was so impressed.



I want to go back!!

As promised, I’ll recap Harry Potter this weekend. 🙂

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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    The pick up system is really smart. If only other theme parks did the same.

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