Sunday Funday-ish

Even though I’m working through the morning/afternoon of today, it is still a good day! It’s my Friday (awesome) and tonight I will be on my way to ORLANDO! My very best friend from high school lives down there and works at Universal. It’s taken me so long to go visit him and I randomly booked a flight on Thursday to leave tonight and come home Tuesday. Short, but definitely long overdue. And I am so, so, SO, excited – if you couldn’t tell.

We’re going to hit up the Harry Potter section of Universal tomorrow because I LOVE Harry Potter. Seriously, I might be the happiest person in the world tomorrow!! It doesn’t really feel like I’m leaving in 8 hours (probably because I’m not really packed). Even though Bill was home around the holiday, I can’t wait to catch up and hang out even if it’s only for 36ish hours. The best part? It’ll be 81 tomorrow. It’s about time my skin gets some vitamin D.

I’ve been through 4 bar method classes and absolutely love it. I honestly can see and feel my muscles changing. You’re probably rolling your eyes because it’s only been 4 classes but this is seriously a workout like I’ve never had. It’s amaze-balls. Because I’m so sore the day after classes I usually spread out my classes during the week. This upcoming week I’ll be there Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday because of my mini-vacation. Thaaaat might hurt a little.

Happy Sunday!

I found these on iFunny and thought they were too good not to share!




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One Response to Sunday Funday-ish

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Haha, the butter one was funny.

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