Quest to Gluten Free

I’ve never really had a problem with gluten or understood the whole “gluten free” thing until recently. Jim gets some pretty bad stomach aches so his doctor recommened a lactose and tolerant test during his routine blood work. The results came back and it turns out his body doesn’t digest vitamin D properly. Aside from that, his liver enzymes were slight elevated (just by a few points) so that got me thinking his body might not also digest gluten properly. That’s just my opinion – nothing medically was mentioned about gluten. He’s having repeat labs done sometime in February so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to adjust our diet and see how things go from there. The worst that can happen is we eat healthier, so why not?

I’ve done a lot of research into this since and have talked to my cousin, Catherine, who also tries to limit her gluten intake. With the food we currently have in our apartment there is no way I could throw it all out and just become free of gluten overnight. I wanted to use the things we had up and not let them go to waste, so I just started limiting our intake per meal. This seemed impossible at first, but a lot of the stores have a wide selection of products that are gluten free. Also, things might be gluten free and just don’t advertise them. Like baked lays products – they are gluten free. Who knew? Not this girl. So the plan is to up our fruits/vegtables and down the wheat products. (I’m not a big vegtable eater, but I can eat corn and peppers with pretty much anything.)

So, that brings us to where we are today. Not quite gluten free, but limited gluten consumers. After everything I’ve learned the past few weeks about gluten I think this is going to be an on-going goal, even if it isn’t what’s causing his stomach aches.

My first gluten-limited meal was BBQ Chicken Pizza! Now, I know you’re instantly thinking “hello – pizza crust is bread!”. Well, right. I said this was a work in progress. Everything else? No gluten 🙂

What you’ll need:
Bulls-eye (or Kraft) BBQ sauce, small can of tomato sauce, onion powder, cumin, italian seasoning, chicken, shredded cheese (not shown), and pizza crust (not shown).



Pretty simple and quick to make! I poured my tomato sauce into a bowl and put in 1/2 tsp of onion powder, cumin, and italian seasoning. I also added 2 tbsp of BBQ sauce. Mix it together and spread onto the pizza crust. You’ll see my pizza crust is cut in two pieces. That’s because I cooked one for myself and put the other in the fridge for Jim to cook when he was ready to eat it.


I fully cooked the chicken on the stovetop and let covered it in BBQ sauce when it was done.

Once your tomato-and-seasoning-sauce is evenly distrubted onto the pizza crust, cover it with cheese and top with your chicken! Bake according to the pizza crust instructions (ours was only 8-10 minutes on 450 degrees). It was SO good. I overloaded ours with chicken so it filled us up.


I used a thinner crust but I might recommend using a thicker one unless you don’t mind eating it with a fork and knife. The chicken made it heavy and sort of hard to by picking it up. If you opt of the fork and knife option, definitely make sure you have something on your lap!

Not much else going on – using the little free time I have to relax. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to being on the day shift! Went out to a nice dinner with a few of my ladies on Thursday to Palermos. With a coupon all of us (6 girls) paid $4 for a full meal (salad & pizza). Talk about a deal! It was also nice to just catch up and say bye to Carolyn who left for Arizona yesterday.

Sunday is considered my Friday since my days off are Monday and Tuesday, but this “weekend” will be busy! Tomorrow I am (finally) attending orentation but before that I will be back at the Bar Method. Tomorrow night I have a surprise for my brother – I hope he’s ready!! I can’t post what it is on here just in case he happens to read it, but I’ll write all about it this upcoming week. Tuesday I will actually r-e-l-a-x. I plan on messing around with my layout and maybe getting in something new – well see! I eventually have to catch up on laundry…I swear that never ends.





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