The Bar Method

I did it. I took my first bar method class.

I read a lot of reviews on the location I was thinking of joining before making a payment, and a few of them went like this:

“I wanted to die before doing another exercise on the bar!” or my favorite, “I felt like my thighs went up in flames!”

After reading those I (for some reason) decided to try their unlimited month for new clients. Those reviews? They weren’t a joke. I should have taken them more seriously or as a warning.

10 minutes into the class and my arms were shaking. A good shaking, I guess, since my instructor told me the shaking is normal and means your muscles are reshaping. Alrighty then.

The bar method is not like anything I’ve ever done. I’ve done quite a variety of workouts too. It’s a workout on crack. Really, really, hardcore crack.

Despite the soreness in my whole body whenever I move, I’ll be back on Monday. Morning. Yes, Monday morning (that was me preparing myself).

I’ll have posts (and recipes) about our attempt to go gluten free up this weekend along with a few other things! For now, my old lady self is going to watch Country Strong and not move off my couch. Not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t.

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