Before getting into the cliche end of the year post, I want to wish my baby brother the happiest of birthdays. I can’t believe you’re 20!!!!! And yes, I will be calling you my “baby” brother until..well..forever. I hope you have a fabulous day out to lunch with us (of course you will) and an awesome time at the concert tonight.

I was meaning to do a really big post about Christmas but…funny story. I had all these pictures on my phone, but thought it would be a good idea to delete some off my phone because I had close to 1500. Yeah, a lot. Well anyway, I deleted them all and they didn’t load on my computer.

My family goes out to Momma V’s (can’t spell the last part) on Christmas Eve every year and I was so happy I had the time between jobs to make it. It would have felt so weird not being able to go. This year I had a martini that was supposed to have a ”splash” of creme (it was a banana foster martini), but I think it was forgotten. SO STRONG. But once again I ate too much bread/oil/cheese, bruschetta, and soup that I only dug 1/4th into my spaghetti. Have no fear, it made for a bomb meal later that night.

After dinner we went to Jim’s grammy’s house where we celebrated Christmas with his mom’s side. We all exchanged presents, laughed, and ate more food.

Christmas day was spent in my Dr Who sweatshirt drinking out of my TARDIS mug waiting for the Christmas special episode. Sean joined Jim & my family at my gram’s house where more presents were exchanged, the best tasting cupcakes were eaten (before dinner – like usual) and a lot more food was eaten. I started at United that night at 2300, so not long after dinner I went home and slept. I wasn’t able to go to celebrate with Jim’s Dad & Nancy, but hopefully I’ll be able to make all the rounds next year ūüôā

2012 was a pretty sweet year. Not only did I get to go places, but I can definitely say I grew as a person. Which is neat to look back and see how far you’ve come. AND..AND AND AND…you all witnessed my completion of a new years resolution.

Let’s recap, shall we?

January 2012. Studied.

February 2012. I passed my certification exam and became a flight dispatcher. Boo-ya.

March 2012. Went to my last Unofficial St. Patrick’s day celebration at Eastern. Bittersweet? Oh yeah, and started my first big-girl job @ Sunline.

April 2012. I developed my first hobby. Bowling. And then it disappeared a few months later.

May 2012. Turned 23 and celebrated by having my first corona-rita. And getting sloppy Downtown.

June 2012. Watched Grey’s Anatomy. Began the process of absorbing a lot of UV rays into my skin.

July 2012. Dyed my hair blonde (yes this is a highlight of the year). Saw Rascal Flatts in the 29th row. Obsessed over the Olympics.

August 2012. Went to the Bahamas & swam/kissed/hugged a dolphin.

September 2012: Sort of a blur..read a lot? Worked? Drank a lot of pumpkin spiced lattes? Watched a lot of TV? Oh yeah, found our apartment & signed our lease.

October 2012. Celebrated our anniversary, had a super awesome doctor’s appointment and didn’t celebrate Halloween.

November 2012. Started to travel for work (Dallas), MOVED, and ate turkey. & I built a TARDIS.

December 2012. Watched the Bears lose and celebrated the end of the world, which didn’t happen (in case you forgot), annnnnd got a new job @ United.

2012, you rocked.

I have only been thinking about my resolutions for next year for a few days because well – lezbehonest – I wasn’t planning on there even BEING a 2013 (joke). But here’s what I’ve come up with.

TRAVEL. Yes, 2013 will be the year of travel. Where am I going? Orlando, FL (check!), Hawaii (check!), London (check!), and Las Vegas (check!).

THE BAR METHOD. I work out pretty regularly, so I can’t really put ”workout” as a resolution anymore. BUT I have wanted to try the bar method and just haven’t gotten around to it. There is one three flippin blocks away from where I work so I guess I’ve run out of excuses.

SAVE $$$$$. I saved a good amount last year, but this year I’ve set a goal. I’ve stuck myself on a decent budget since August-ish, so I want to continue that and maximize my savings.

BLOG. I did it. I went a year of blogging. And to answer the burning question in all of your minds: YES, I will be continuing! I’m hoping to figure out a new layout of some sort just after the new year. Taking it a year at a time ūüėČ

2013, I have three words for you.

Bring. It. On.

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