If Taylor Swift can name 2 songs after numbers (ex: Fifteen, 22), I sure can name this post after one as well.

It has been 11 days since we moved into our apartment. I. Am. In. Love. Seriously, I could not be happier. I thought it was a brilliant idea to go out the night before we moved, so I wasn’t much help in the whole process but it couldn’t have been gone any smoother. I owe a HUGE thanks to my mom, gram, brother, Sean, & Jim (both who came right after work and didn’t sleep until that night).

We fit everything in our cars/van/trucks & I have no idea how. I was planning on renting a truck from Menards (for under $20 for 85 the first 75 minutes – I think) but they went so quick!! I called Home Depot but they wanted $150 deposit and then a $99 flat rate with $.99 per mile – WHAT! Definitely wasn’t shelling out that kind of money to move 7 minutes away. With our great tetris skills we made it work :).

I had the weekend off to move and holy crap, thank goodness. We’re still unpacking and I have a feeling we will be for a while. A lot of the things we use daily are unpacked but other things (ex: movies) are still in boxes waiting for a home. My goal on Sunday (as in 5 days away Sunday, yes) is to get that room a little more organized. Just kidding, a lot more organized.

Aside from the moving extravaganza, Jim and I were able to go to the first bulls game (of hopefully many!) this season. The best part? They won! It’s nice to watch them back on the court but also bittersweet being back at the United Center knowing the Hawks aren’t playing. Jim and I spent so much time there last year between the two teams. C’mon NHL – get your $h!t together!!

On the topic of sports, we’re going to the BEARS GAME on December 2nd. We are also in the middle of planning a trip to Detroit to see them at the end of the year (pending the end of the world, of course). Other things in the future that we’ve planned are Jason Aldean (of July 2013 – lots of time for that) & a trip to South Korea. YES, South Korea. One more time, South Korea. Our friend, Christie, left at the beginning of the month to teach in Suwon for a year. To say I am extremely jealous is an understatement. Kelly, Lauren, Sam, & I are hoping to go over there during the summer so the savings fund has started! It seems like such a long time away but I know the planning will begin early & then the countdown begins.

Side note: Jim & I are currently watching The Amazing Spiderman and it is a LOT better than I thought. I was a fan of the ones with Toby McGuire so I wasn’t too sure how I would like it, but it has surprised me. We had plans to see the new James Bond at 9:45 this morning (night shift problems) but the internet lied & the first movie wasn’t until 11a. Unfortunately since it’s a 2.5 hour long movie and we need to sleep eventually that just wasn’t going to work for us. I thought everything that was on the internet was supposed to be true?! (Joke – referencing a commercial in case you haven’t seen it) šŸ™‚

I have been watching Dr. Who (thanks to my cousin Colton) and LOVE it. I cannot stop watching! I never really try and start new shows which watching the 15 other that are currently on tv (approximation, but it’s probably close) but this is an exception. Through posting things on facebook/twitter I’ve found a lot of people who also like it – so awesome! I want a tardis!! Thanks Colton for the new obsession.

After our first full week in the apartment I can honestly say I have impressed myself with my cooking skills. I have a new best friend that I want you all to meet and it is my crockpot (my computer doesn’t recognize “crockpot” as a word and the suggestions given to me were crackpot & stockpot, haha awesome!) THE BEST THING EVER! I have my wonderful momma to thank for that :). Seriously – where would I be without her? Lucky for you guys I have two (not one, two) recipes for you guys! They’re towards the bottom.

I’ve started to travel for work! First time ever. One of the airlines we service, Nippon Cargo, wanted to transfer cargo through Dallas. Unfortunately for them they don’t have us down there but luckily for me I get to go! They have two flights a week going currently (through January, I believe) but I’ll be down there Sunday-Monday. When I say “Sunday-Monday” I literally mean I leave Chicago around 10:30p Sunday night (still nice because I have the whole day), get into Dallas around 12:30a/1:30a and am on a flight home at 6:10a. It’s a long night but it goes pretty quick.


Leaving O’Hare

I take the cargo plane down and am on an American Airlines flight home (which is terrible after flying on the spacious cargo flight with my own blanket and seat that resembles something of first class) but I slept most of the way so it wasn’t too bad. Yay for AAdvantage miles! After getting home yesterday and eating a frozen pizza I slept for 11 hours. Food coma? Without a doubt.

& now the recipes I promised! Before we moved I spent a lot of time on Pinterest (shocker – said no one ever) and found a TON! I then made our November menu off it so we can budget. Anyway, a lot of what I make comes from there. The first thing I made was smoked sausage with peppers, potatoes, and rice. Sean was over watching football and we all scraped our plates clean. SO good.



It was pretty simple to make – I just cooked the sausage in the pan for 8 minutes or so and then added some chopped red & green peppers. Added potatoes and served over rice – voila!


Made the whole apartment smell AMAZING



Satisfied Stomachs

Yesterday (after my food coma) I made something Lauren made for us the first girl’s night. I wanted to use up the rest of the peppers I had so we had chicken teriyaki with peppers, onions, and rice. Yum! I made it last night when Jim was at work but I woke up and the leftovers were gone so I’m assuming he liked it! It was made pretty similar to the dish made on Sunday. Just cook the chicken after dicing, add the peppers and onions, smother in teriyaki sauce, and eat over rice. Other things on the menu this week? Chicken & dumplings (kind of nervous to see how this turns out) and honey lime chicken!



Love these dishes!




Dinner. At 1am.

It’s officially noon and time for my sleep (which I sort of consider just a nap since I’ll be up at 4:30p/5…5:30p LATEST..so yeah 5:30p). I’m sure I’ll stay up for the rest of the movie cutting my time even less but oh well. Who sleeps nowadays?

PS – the comment about the end of the world was a joke..had to poke a little fun šŸ™‚

PPS – got new glasses this past weekend (early X-Mas gift) and I love them! Picture coming soon!

PPPS – After I publish this post I will be updating my Fall Reading List – check it out here!

Yeah, I think that’s all šŸ™‚

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  1. Chris says:

    You are an amazing chef!!!!! Great pictures and recipes!!!

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