By no means am I putting my political views on people. BUT it is so, so important to go vote regardless of who you are voting for. At the lovely age of 23 the things each presidential candidate wants to do WILL affect me whether I agree with them or not.

I highly recommend all the women out there to read Cosmo’s latest issue where they compare the clashing views of Obama and Romney regarding women’s issues. Abortion, equal pay, sexual violence on campus’, birth control, and maternity/child care are all topics covered. You can read the full article with in-depth coverage in the most recent issue or a quick summary here.

I can’t believe the amount of people I know who either won’t vote or don’t know a single thing about Romney or the current Pres. THIS IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE!!! Time to get educated and make your vote count!

Don’t want to go on election day? Check out the places in Cook County you can go to for early voting (it started on Oct 22nd!). I went today in Oak Lawn and only had a small wait. They made the registration process so easy and quick. You just need your driver’s license or state ID.

Chicago Heights City Hall
1601 Chicago Road, Mon – Sat, 9a-5p

Oak Forest City Hall
15440 S Central Ave, Mon – Sat, 9a-5p

Oak Lawn Village Hall
9446 S Raymond Ave, Mon – Sat, 9a-5p Sun 9a-3p

Orland Park Village Hall
14700 Ravinia Ave, Mon – Sat, 9a-5p

Palos Heights Administration Building
7607 W College Dr, Mon – Sat, 9a-5p

The Bridgeview Courthouse
10220 S 76th Ave, Mon – Sat, 9a-5p

The Markham Courthouse
16501 S Kedzie Ave, Mon – Sat, 9a-5p

This is a list of locations I pulled off a list based on where I know people live near. The full set of locations can be found here. You can vote early until November 3rd!
*If you are reading this and do not live in the Cook County area (or IL for that matter), check out gottavote.com and find where you can go by searching your state. Sorry, I’m trying to remain unbiased but it’s an Obama website – still informative!

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