Apple Picking & Moving Update

It is officially only 13 days until we begin our move! I. Cannot. Wait.

It’s been a hectic beginning of October. I have lists on top of lists on top of more lists of things to do. We have 95% of everything we need. The other 5% will come when we’re actually moved in or the weekend of. All of our kitchen stuff is bought & packed (HUGE thing to cross of – felt so good). We bought the kitchen table a while ago and it was nice to not have to worry about that anymore. We’re pretty set on living room furniture & bedroom furniture for our living room and our back room. The only thing we still want to look at are desks. I even have a ton of Yankee Candles and soap from Bath and Body works ready to go (those are the fun things to shop for). The weekend we move in I’m going to go to Costco w/my mom and get a lot of things in bulk – toilet paper, paper towels, some food, garbage bags, etc. Jim’s dad is getting us HUGE dispensers of laundry detergent + softener that I swear will last us the entire time we’re living there.

I switched over our gas/electric today so that starts Nov 1. The next thing I hope to get done soon is figure out cable and internet! There are SO many different options – holy cow. I never realized how much there is out there. We were torn between AT&T and Comcast for the longest time but AT&T doesn’t offer cable service in that area (but they offer internet – weird, right?). That made our decision a little easier. Now we’re looking for the perfect bundle or trying to see if it would be cheaper to purchase them separately. Phew.

Along with all that, I’m trying to go through all my stuff and get rid of all the clutter. Well, just kidding, this has been a thought of mine for a while but I think it’s finally time to get started on it. There are half packed boxes all over my room and it’s beginning to slowly drive me crazy (I’m a clean freak – can’t help it).

In other news how are you all enjoying the fall shows? I can’t get enough! They all have come back so good and I can say I’m really not disappointed with any of them. Chicago Fire & Nashville are currently on my top of new favorite shows. If you haven’t watched them yet I highly recommend it.

I should be updating my fall reading list soon. I’ve read a few books on the list and even want to add some. Busy, busy!

This past Monday Jim and I were lucky to find time to go apple picking! We planned on doing it over the weekend but OF COURSE it rained all weekend. Literally, all stinkin’ weekend. We both worked at night so it was easiest to go in the morning so we had the afternoon to sleep. We ended up going to County Line Orchard in Hobart, Indiana. I can’t believe I went to Valpo for 4 years and never found time to go there. It was so close! Despite being a little chilly we had a lot of fun. Besides a few groups of school kids there weren’t a lot of people there (maybe because it was a Monday morning?).

When we first got there we had to try the donuts. They smelt sooo good. We both had apple cinnamon and loved them so much we ended up getting 1/2 a dozen to take home. Unfortunately the lack of rain this year left a lot of the orchards without apples. County Line installed rain gutters on ALL of their apple trees to catch the apples as they fell so we were still able to get some. Such a good idea! Although most of the trees and gutters were bare, the apples we got are so yummy. We ended up picking just over 7 lbs! Yeah, that’s a lot of apples…

It was really neat because aside from their apple orchard, there was a whole inside section with a bakery, samples, and crafts. My darling boyfriend got me a really cool apple key chain to remember how we celebrated our anniversary :). Aside from the apples, we ended up leaving with 2 apple pies (1 for each of us, obviously), 1/2 dozen donuts, a gallon of apple cider (my FAVORITE), and a bag of cheese popcorn (also my favorite). I’ll say we made out pretty good 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’ll be on apple overdose soon.




Pretty, despite the gloomy day.


So intense.


(Ignore the blankets in my car..) Our goodies!

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