October 9th

Such a catchy title, right?

Welp today was definitely one to remember! So many things happened. I guess we’ll start from the top!

Many of you probably don’t know this but in 7th grade I was diagnosed with rheumatic fever (aka rheumatic heart disease). It’s a complication of the strep bacteria that attacks your heart valves if it goes untreated. It was the weirdest thing – I remember having a sore throat, taking over the counter medicine, and it going away. The next few weeks I had the WORST cold imaginable. Finally, one morning I woke up and my knee joints were bright red and I couldn’t walk. My momma became the hulk and carried me into the doctors (although i can’t imagine i weighed that much at age 11) where they then sent me to the cardiology wing of the children’s hospital. I remember bits and pieces of the rest – a lot of poking and pictures being taken. I had an echo & EKG done along with lots of blood being taken.

The rest of the months kind of blur together. I was on a lot of medicine, walked with a walker (so cool, I know), and used to soak my finger joints in water at night because they were so inflamed. I never ended up going back to school so I finished my 7th grade year by being home schooled (which was probably a good thing because I could barely write). Eventually over time things started to get better. I visited the doctors a TON and got really good at giving blood (hence when I don’t mind donating it these days – doesn’t phase me). At the end of the school year the entire class gave me cards and hand written notes about getting better – which I still have BTW. That summer things progressed well and things went back to normal (ish) when I started 8th grade!

I wasn’t able to participate in gym class for a while. The cardiologist wanted to work my heart activity back in slowly. I had an extra study period where I volunteered in the library and that’s where I fell in love with books. Best. Thing. Ever.

Every year I see the cardiologist who took over my case when my first doctor left. So YES – for all you curious minds – I still see the doctor in the child’s wing in the hospital. Today they actually thought I was the mother of a patient while I was filling out the forms. That was a first. Anyway, last year things looked pretty much the same – my aortic & mitral heart valves “leaked” – as they had been for the past 9 years. *Small science lesson: if a heart valve “leaks” it basically mean it doesn’t close all the way. Your heart valve pumps blood through by opening and closing. Since mine didn’t close all the way, blood was being pushed through and then pushed back through the other way. Not good, see what I mean?

So today I had my yearly check up ANNNND *dun dun dun* I got such good news! Only one of my valves are showing leakage on the tests being done. This is the first time in 10 years that I’ve heard that. If there aren’t any problems I don’t have to continue my yearly check ups – just every 2 years. Momma and I always did something together after my appointments and today we got massages & lunch :). I could not have asked for a better report!

Aside from the doctors, it was mine & Jim’s anniversary! We had such a fun day last Saturday together and are celebrating in some way this weekend. For all of those who helped me do you-know-what for this event, pictures will be coming soon šŸ™‚ .. closer to move in!

Despite the good news of the day, I still cannot help but be saddened by the passing of a good friend in high school that happened 3 years ago. Claire and I spent 3 years doing musicals and speech together. We were even partners that competed together in speech for a year. We lost touch after high school but I was so devastated when I heard she passed away. She was a huge part of my high school experience and definitely led me to be quite the trouble maker.

One of the best memories I have of her is when we had the dancer’s sleepover (all the dancers in the musical used to have a sleepover to bond before the performances) and a couple of the girls played a HUGE prank on the rest of us. I, of course, was not in on it and almost peed my pants. Dee, Nikki, & Claire had some how led me to believe there was a murderer on the lose in Oak Lawn and that we should lock her doors just to be safe (this is not uncommon). All I remember next is Dee running into Claire’s house with a *fake* cut arm and blood and ripped shirt. She ran in to the “murderer” and lucky made it to Claire’s house. Let me remind you all that these people are ACTORS and really really convincing..Needless to say then Nikki runs down Claire’s stairs in a crazy mask and cape combination frantically waving around a plastic knife. My heart drops into my stomach and I also pee myself while everyone then starts laughing. Well played girls, well played.

It makes me so, so sad to know she isn’t with us anymore but I know she’s watching down on all of us..probably laughing.

In other news, I am so exhausted at work for having been up all day, I dyed my hair back to my natural color, and have no idea how to start packing.

Congrats to my brother for getting his motorcycle license recently. It sort of freaks me out because I’ve never seen him on a bike – or near one – and now he has a license to ride one freely.

& a very happy *belated* birthday to my cousin Addison who I cannot believe is 20! Seriously – stop growing up.

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