We’re Moving…TOGETHER!

It’s official! Jim & I will be living together as of November 1st!! A while ago we started talking about getting a place together and realized how realistic this could be. At first we set our goal to move in the spring unless the perfect place came along. Well, what do you know? We found the place! It has everything we want and is in our budget. As most people may know, it is beyond frustrating trying to find a new home. There were so many places that had the things we wanted but wasn’t in our budget OR was in our budget and didn’t have what we wanted.

I just wanted to give a quick thanks to Kerri because without her, we would have never known about this place! I was using a variety of sites to look at properties before & this one was not on it. She recently moved and once she saw a sign go up for a unit in her building she texted me immediately. I called the landlord within an hour of him putting up the sign! We were the first ones to call and I feel so lucky. He said he had tons of calls about the place not long after us. Just 3 days later we saw the place – loved everything about it – and signed our lease on Friday.

It may seem like November is a long while away but in reality I need the time to get organized. Between our work schedules it will be so hard to find time to casually unpack and get organized. I want to have everything organized before so the whole process will be made a lot easier. I have a lot of my stuff from my apartment from school still in boxes since I didn’t need most of it living at home. I started going through all that and making lists of what we have and need. On top of that, I have been looking at cable/internet packages, paint colors (YES – we can paint!), and other miscellaneous things. The “to-do” list keeps on growing.

Despite the long list of things I will be doing within the next month, my mom & I checked out HOBOs (Home Owners Buyers Outlet) on Saturday. That place is HUGE! We walked in and were so overwhelmed. So. Much. Stuff. Literally, they have everything! Think – IKEA + bargain deals. The best part? I bought a kitchen table! 🙂

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