Fall TV Lineup

Today is such a good day! Besides the first day of pumpkin spice lattes, this is my favorite day of fall. All (well, 98%) of the fall season premieres start this week & I could not be happier. I was so sad driving to work knowing I was missing 2 premieres. Because I watch so much, every year I make a list of what is coming on when so I don’t get confused or miss anything.

Everything listed below starts this week. If not, it is listed otherwise 🙂
Bones – FOX 8/7c
Hawaii 5-0 CBS 10/9c
Castle – ABC 10/9c
Gossip Girl – CW 9/8c *Starts Oct 8

NCIS – CBS 8/7c
NCIS LA – CBS 9/8c
New Girl – FOX 8/7c
Covert Affairs – USA 10/9c *Starts Oct 16

Law & Order SVU – NBC 9/8c
CSI – CBS 10/9c
Chicago Fire (NEW) – NBC 10/9c *Starts Oct 10
American Horror Story – FX 10/9c *Starts Oct 17

Glee – FOX 9/8c *Started 2 weeks ago
Greys Anatomy – ABC 9/8c

Fringe – FOX 9/8c
CSI NY – CBS 9/8c

Revenge – ABC 9/8c
Once Upon A Time – ABC 8/7c

A while ago I posted 2 shows I wanted to watch this summer (Lost & Revenge). I am happy to say I watched them both! I can’t believe Lost – what an incredible show. Revenge completely surpassed my expectations & I cannot wait for season 2! I went through both of those shows pretty quick so I also watched Grey’s Anatomy & Gossip Girl (I only have 3 episodes left of GG that I will more than likely finish tonight). So much TV but I loved them all. During the winter break of shows (yes – planning way ahead!) I hope to watch Dexter and/or Friday Night Lights. If I don’t get around to them then I will definitely have those at the top of my list for next summer.

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One Response to Fall TV Lineup

  1. Amanda says:

    Tony and I just finished up Friday Night Lights not too long ago. It’s a great show, so enjoy it!

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