Wardrobe Update

I’ve finally started to get a neck strain from bobbing my head to Phillip Phillip’s “Home” (seriously – addicted), so I took a break from the music to look on pinterest (you can follow me here). That’s right, you can’t bob your head and be on pinterest at the same time so the music went OFF! ..And I forgot my phone charger at home which will make for a long night at work if it dies. Annnyyywwwaaayyysss.The problem with pinterest is that you can never just spend a few minutes on it. I sign on and 3 hours later realize the only thing I’ve accomplished is finding recipes (that make me hungry), workouts (that make me feel lazy), and DIY crafts (nothing witty to say here). It’s been a bit cooler here at night (we’ll get back to pinterest in a sec) which is not very pleasent for those of us who work at night. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have no fall clothes. Like, zero. zip. nada. For those of you who follow me on pinterest, I’m sorry for the overload of fall clothing I have recently been pinning. In a moment of honesty, I need them all. Then I think to myself, WHERETHEHECK DO I EVEN GET FALL CLOTHES?!

WELL, last week I found a great (GREAT) steal at NY & Company. Their jeans were buy 1 get 1 free. Obviously I found 2 pairs. So…jeans, check! No no, just kidding, I would like some colored denim from Express. Thank goodness for their coupons in the mail.

SWEATERS. YES, I NEED SWEATERS. Where do I buy sweaters? I have no idea. This will be the hard part. Finally, boots. I know what kind I want but they are in the category of “where can I get you from” with sweaters.

This little shopping extravaganza will go down gradually within the next month or so (unless I happen to find it all in one place and the chances of that are absolutely impossible) but I’m waiting to see what kind of fall-ish tops get put out. I will then activate my plan of attack.

In the meantime, I will be cleaning out my closet. Ay. What a mess that is already and I haven’t even started. On a totally unrelated note – what do girls use to organize their shoes? This has stumped me for the last few months. I HATE the behind-the-door-netted-individula-shoe-thing (not an offical name). Suggestions?

Let’s all cross our fingers for some end of summer sales because I need to buy clothes AND save money..at the same time.

PS – Good luck to everyone starting school! This includes all my student teaching friends on facebook who have updated their status’ with hilarious kid quotes in the last 48 hours 🙂

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