It’s so bittersweet to be back from vacation! I’m glad to be back with everybody & working, but not so happy about spending most of my time indoors and not laying on the beach. Back in April my mom surprised my brother, Gram, and myself with a vacation to Atlantis! I’ve always seen commercials and heard awesome things about the place so I couldn’t wait to go. I can’t believe how fast it approached!! One minute it’s the beginning of July and the next I’m packing to leave!

I worked Sunday night which actually worked out well. My family met me at the airport around 4, so after my shift I just went to our terminal. Working at an airport has it’s perks, we got to skip the security line! Makes it a little less stressful when you can walk right up :). Even with a connecting flight in Philly & a 30 minute drive to the resort, we got there early and spent the whole day in the sun! The first night was relaxing – I was asleep by 830pm (long traveling day after a night at work wipped me out I guess).

This is how the rest of the trip was spent:


Laying on the beach…


…Winning at the Casio (Gram was addicted – I swear!)…


…Eating HUGE delicious desserts…


…& drinking pina coladas!

My brother and I also got to parasail which was absolutely incredible. We shared the boat with a group from North Carolina on a cruise (they docked at the resort daily) & they thought my brother and I were on our honeymoon!!! It was so funny when they asked – his face was priceless. He had no idea what to say. As a family we also got to spend time with dolphins! It was so fun – I can’t believe how friendly they are.
It was kind of refreshing to be out of cell phone service for the week..I definitely had a lot of time to relax (which is kicking my butt being back on nights this week but so worth it).

There was a little mishap when we first arrived in Nassau which I’m still working out, but I’m trying to be patient (not exactly my strong suit). The front zipper of my luggage was open and everything in that pocket fell out. Luckily the only thing I had in there was my nook charger & camera charger. On the flip side, I didn’t charge my nook OR camera before we left. I started reading the Divergent (finally) and was almost done when my nook finally died. The charger was still covered under warranty so they are sending me a replacement free of charge. I have to fill out a form for US Airways to get covered for the stuff missing – and from there it could take 6 weeks to “investigate” & contact me. Just another thing to add to my “to do” list. I am lucky to not have lost anything else, though!

In other news, I had a total blonde moment today. My girlfriends and I have been having weekly dinners at Laurens where she generously cooks (or orders pizza). WHY HAVE I NOT UPDATE RECIPES ON HERE? Seriously, DUH! I have no idea what took me a month to realize this, but look for them weekly starting next week! I believe we decided on breakfast for dinner – one of my favorites!

Back to work & watching Lost – the “after Grey’s Anatomy” obsession. I need to finish all these shows before my fall shows start again!


This is my brother & we were not on our honeymoon 🙂

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2 Responses to Vacation!

  1. James says:

    Sounds like you had a great time.. your a lucky girl!

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