Blonde, Rascal Flatts, & Olympics!

Long overdue post! Happy to be writing this one, though!

After *years* of adding high lights into my hair to try and get it a little bit lighter, I FINALLY took the leap and just went blonde. CRAZY, since my features are on the darker side. I never thought I would like it, but I. AM. OBSESSED. Nothing wrong with a change! It took a few days to get used to. I would walk by a mirror and do a double take because I wouldn’t recognize myself.

Along with the hair change, my poor straightener finally gave out :(. This was such a sad day! I didn’t want to spend the $$ on a new one so I literally waited until I no longer could before buying a new one. I ended up buying a Chi (from ULTA) & I just want to say that it IS THE BEST IN ALL THE LAND! I have never had a better one! It heats up in *literally* seconds and my hair is straight (even without frizz) after going over it 1 time. (Sorry old straightener – please don’t take offense). Apparently Chi has been really popular for years, but I’ve been out of the loop. Don’t even buy one full price – they are on sale ALL the time. I had no problem finding a store coupon. On the pricy side, but if it lasts 4/5 years then I will call this one a win. Mine is chrome pink & it rocks.

Back when I don’t remember, I posted my dilemma about buying Rascal Flatts concert tickets. Well, I finally did and the concert was last night. I could not have been happier purchasing them!! Our seats were to die for. Right in the center & middle of the first section. WOWZA. It was cool to actually be able to see the guy’s eyes and faces..instead of always being the size of an ant from the hill (for those of you not from around here, the FMBA..first midwest bank amphitheatre..has 3 sections. section 1 is off the stage, section 2 is behind 1, and 3 is a huge lawn that is general admission). Rascal Flatts always puts on an amazing show, but this year was one of their best (a close 2nd would be their performance @ Wrigley). Eli Young Band & Little Big Town were the opening acts – so awesome! They all put on a really entertaining show. The songs Rascal played, the way they interacted with the audience, & the effects of the show left me really, really happy…and without a voice. I now am updating my iTunes with all of their songs I had on my old computer that got lost when I got this new beauty. This could take a while.

As you may (or may not) know, I am very patriotic. I’ve had many friends and family fight for this country and I couldn’t be more proud. WELL – the Olympics is my absolute fave to cheer for the USA athletes! After an early dinner at BWW (the usual) with Bubbs, we watched (his first) Olympic ceremony! London did such a wonderful job. It was so different than Beijing and I learned so much about the history of London. I loved the Queen’s entrance, the nightmare/story bit part (esp with JK Rowling) with the kids, Mr Bean, & how the Olympic rings were raised. So cleaver! The lighting of the torch was so pretty!! I can’t even imagine how much time, effort, and thought goes in to putting something like that on. Best part of this years Olympics? London is 6 hours ahead of us in Chicago so a lot of the events are shown live in the middle of the night (when they begin at 8a in London) & I’m on nights all week! They’re replayed in the afternoon/evening here so I can catch the ones not shown earlier.

Thoughts on the games so far? All so exciting! Mighty how the reign have fallen, though. Phelps taking 4th in the mens 4 x100 individual medley..such a shocker! Amazing job to Lochte for taking the Gold, though! Fave Jordyn Wieber was booted from the all around competition when she took 3rd out of the fab 5. Awesome job by Gabby & Aly for making it though! All of those gymnasts are so, so talented. Other things I’ve enjoyed watching include archery (who knew it is actually really enjoying), soccer, volleyball (beach & reg), & synchronized diving! I’ve been trying to catch as much as possible – there are a lot of good apps out there for iPhones where you can set alarms for events! It comes in handy when you want to watch so many 🙂

Exactly 1 weeks & 6 hours & 45 minutes I will be on my way to the Bahamas!
PS I haven’t been reading

PPS I will be reading on vacation

PPPS I have a long list of books I want to get to!

PPPPS I finished Grey’s..CRAZY way to end season 8. Adding that to my fall shows!

PPPPPPPPPS I’m done now

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2 Responses to Blonde, Rascal Flatts, & Olympics!

  1. Chris says:

    Such an amazing piece to read!!! You’re such an inspiring and creative writer!! I enjoy reading your blogs! I love you sweetie!

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