As I sit here and watch Izzy confess that she has a child on Greys, I can’t help but admit to myself *again* that I love this show. Oops – sorry to anyone who hasn’t watched this show and is going to start it 8 years late. Like myself. I never watched an episode before Friday because it was on during the House MD era. I only had room for 1 medical show during my TV lineup at that time and well, House obvi won. Now that I started I. CAN’T. STOP.

There is so much reality to this show it’s sickening. The interns who work 48+ hours actually have emotions (which lack in some shows – or at least don’t come across like it. Insert Kristin Stewert reference here).You see them get tired and fed up and make mistakes. HOLY COW it’s like they’re humans. My heart breaks every single time Mc Dreamy talks to Meredith (who is now comforting her crying in the closet..ohmygosh). I’ve learned to love every single character and hate them when they’re being unreasonal actual people. Here’s where I admit that since Friday, I’ve watched season 1 and half of season 2. Moving on……………….

*Break to make ramen*

This post is going to just be a bunch of rambling, so I apologize now.

Over the weekend bubbs did the sweetest thing. My plane was delayed on Sat (only on Saturdays, I swear) and ALL I wanted was Mr. Subs. I was supposed to be off at 12:40a BUT didn’t end up leaving until an hour later. OF COURSE, Mr. Subs closed at 2a. I was tired, hungry, crabby, and now so upset that I couldn’t get a turkey sammich. BUT! Driving home, bubbs called and asked what I wanted. Why, you ask? BECAUSE HE MADE IT TO MR SUBS *JUST* BEFORE THEY CLOSED! All for me! Such a sweetheart. It was so tastey.

I’ve been thining – for about 2 days now – that come fall I want to take a class online. Yes, I know that I have 4 years + some of college education under my belt HOWEVER I would like to continue just to keep learning or keep busy? Whatever the reason, I’m still in debate about it. Any suggestions on interesting classes to take? I would love to take a language but with my weird work schedule I don’t know how possible that would be to do it online. We’ll see. Time to research!

Man it’s cold in this office.

I have a recipe to post & some workouts that I’ve come to love. Look for those to come soon!

Back to my friends on Greys who live inside my Nook. Oh yeah, I love my nook. Thanks again, bubbs. 🙂

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