Summer Reading Challenge Update #3/4

I really don’t have an excuse for why I didn’t update last week – lazy? Forgot? Let’s just forget that, though.

The trilogy series is FINISHED! I really, really enjoyed them. In the first book you are introduced to a family of 2 sisters and a brother who take a giant leap to make their dreams come true. The first book follows the youngest sibling, the 2nd the older sister, and finally the brother in the 3rd. Within each book the history of their (semi) famous family is intertwined and reveals a whole different story itself. It was really cool to have the extra story in there because it kept the book moving. It wasn’t just your typical fall in love, find a problem, break up, and fall back in love story. Well – kind of – there was just more to it. If you’re looking for an easy read (and cheap if you have a nook), I definitely suggest these!

I was curious to see what movie (that was based on a book) came out during the year I was born. I didn’t recognize most of them on the list (not surprised) but when I got to the end I. WAS. SHOCKED. Let’s rewind 13 years…

Growing up my darling cousin Maxine sat myself & Catherine down to watch a movie. I was 10. What did she put on, you ask? PET SEMATARY. Uhh – it was the scariest movie I had ever seen (this was before watching “IT”, which later took the lead). I STILL cannot watch this movie. Sometimes I even have nightmares. What was at the bottom of that list, you’re wondering? PET SEMATARY. Not only did I not know it came out in 1989, BUT I had no idea it was a Stephen King book (but now that I know that I’m not surprised). I had to read the book, naturally.

They surprisingly didn’t have it available for the nook, so I had to actually BUY the book. Weird, especially after having a nook for over a year (and plus some). So, that’s where I’m at!

Trilogy: 30pts

Book in 1 calendar day: 15pts

World 2012 book: 5pts

Year I was born Book/Movie: 25pts *in progress*

50 completed points!

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