From a Website I Cannot Figure Out How to Pronounce

With my pinterest obsession at it’s all time high, I have recently fallen in love with rings like this:


They are so elegant and simple looking. I don’t really like to wear a lot of jewelry – I usually stick to the basics – but THESE .. I. LOVE. The only question was..uhh..where do I find these? I looked all over Express & American Eagle and other various places for just simple rings. Fail. They were all too big. What size were my fingers even there? No clue.

I did some looking on the interweb and finally, FINALLY, found the perfect rings. They were on a site called Etsy. I have run into a few things on this site before, but never really purchased anything. I honestly don’t know *exactly* what the site is used for, but my best guess would be to have really personalized shops – or people who sell things they make – sell them through this site. Okay, coolz. Works for me.

The owner of the shop I found these perfect little rings on is Kriya Davis. You can look at her shop by going to I suggest you do so. Anyway, I saw a picture of a bunch of delicate rings, just like the ones in the photo above, and fell. in. love. Insta-love. The kind of love people in movies get when they first lay eyes on the main male character. THAT is how intese it was. I e-mailed her immediately. I was so nervous to order something off of this site I didn’t even know if I was pronouncing right but she helped me get over that with her fast response & helpful information. I didn’t even know where to BEGIN with sizes, so I ordered a ring sizer (totes good to have..yes totes) before to make sure I had the correct sizing. I received the ring sizer in just a few days, placed my order with her (she even customed made an order for me on her site w/my custom order – so awesome) and shipped my rings out in a week! Once I received my e-mail saying my pretty little rings were on the way, I stalked our mailman. Seriously, I would wake up from my slumber right around the time the mail usually comes JUST to see if they were here yet. Well, TODAY was the day!!!

I am so obsessed with them!! They fit better than I ever could have imagined. I suggest checking out Etsy if you’re ever looking for something unique – chances are you’ll find it there.


I have the one on my pointer finger on my other hand, but I wasn’t able to take a picture of both hands alone..slightly difficult.

Thank you, Kriya!

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