Summer Reading Challenge Update

I know I said I was going to start the challenge on June 1st but I was just kidding. I picked my first book, The Stand by Stephen King, and noticed it was over 1100 pages so I began a littel early. That’s a whole lot of pages for 5 points. I am, however, proud of myself for being almost done in about a week! My goal was to finish it before June 5th because the new Pretty Little Liars book comes out. I’m planning on reading that one in 1 day, since I have before. Not only does the book come out on Tuesday, but season 3 premiers (EEE) AND season 2 comes out on DVD (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)  –  so obsessed it’s a little overwhelming. Just by those 3 things, Tuesday should be a pretty solid day (despite having a dentist appointment – yuck. I finally put on my big girl pants and made an appointment.)

Anyway – this book is pretty good (if it wasn’t, I’m not sure I would still be reading it. But I’m still hooked after 800 pages in). According to the introduction, a shorter version of this book was originally published in 1978 (which was about 400 pages less than the one I’m reading) & the semi-uncut edition was released in 1990. When I bought the book, I wasn’t sure of the difference – I honestly didn’t pay attention – and ended up with the semi-uncut edition. It’s “semi-uncut” because Mr. King says that even though a lot was added back into the story to enhance it, he had to leave a lot out as well. Thus, semi-uncut. I’m not sure if the 2012 world book’s specified, but it’s a little to late to go back and check.

The theme of the book seemed strangely familiar – oh MAYBE because this theme is EVERYWHERE now a days. I do give props to Mr. King for being the trendsetter. It’s set into 3 “books” with the first being about a virus (told you) being accidentally released from an Army base. Despite their best efforts of keeping all of the infected people contained, 1 man and his family escape (of course). It begins to spread and about 20 days later oveer 99% of the worlds population is dead. The view point switches back and forth from multiple characters and how the virus affects themselves, their families, and how they deal with what’s happening.

The second book starts the journey of all these characters. People start to find each other and form groups to travel across country, ideally looking for more people. It’s starting to be adressed that all of these people are having the same reoccuring dream – odd. Some groups of people are dreaming of this 108-year old woman that they see as someone to spiritually guide them. What’s good without evil? Other people are drawn to Vegas (haha – I found that funny) where the leader there is basically not a nice man & the opposite of the old lady. And that’s where I stand in the book. If I could guess, there will  be some struggle of good trying to overpower evil in terms to starting the world over again. Just a guess.

Hopefully by next Sunday I will be onto my 3rd – or 4th if I’m feeling a bit cray cray – book! I’m still in need of a trilogy to read, so if you have any suggestions (besides 50 Shades) feel free to share! I generally like all books 🙂

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