Drunk Driver

It’s only Tuesday?! Jeesh.

This past weekend was one for the books. I spent the weekend in MI at Kelly’s lakehouse and it was EXACTLY what I needed. Long week at work = sweatpants & no makeup weekend. BOOM! Relaxation to the extreme.

We made good time on Friday, hit little traffic, and made 2 killer pizzas almost immediately walking in the door. Pretty sure we all burnt our mouths on them because we were STARVING. We then got down to business. Drunk driver.

Hey thanks to Kylie & Andrew for letting me borrow the remotes! Please note, this is a game for Wii and not one was actually drunk driving. (DONT DO THAT)

The last time I played this game Jim body slammed me to the ground (literal body slam – picked up and dropped).

Rules are simple. You designate an amount of beer (I recommend beer & NOT a full glass) to be drank during a race. That beer must be gone before you cross the finish line on lap 3 but you cannot be drinking and driving (so your remote has to be on the ground while you’re drinking).

So, so, so much fun. We usually had the loser rotate out because we had more than 4 people playing.

Regardless of the game we would have ended up playing, it was so nice to just sit back and relax with good people. It’s something different to do than the usual weekend activities and a good excuse to inhale chili cheese dip.

Other activities of the weekend included trying new beer that was brewed at a local brewery (took home some Sundance for the future – reminds me of a Blue Moon, which is my fave), visiting the Moose Lodge (I actually was pretty decent at Shuffleboard for once), & eating lots of good food.

Such a good way to end a hectic week.

If anyone was wondering, YES I did buy Rascal Flatts tickets. 29th row & I cannot wait! Happy Birthday to me (in 6 days)!

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