How far is TOO far?

This post is going to be ALL over the place.

Let’s talk about the Kardashians.’ll save that for later.

So – my favorite bad..ALL TIME coming to town at the end of summer. I’ve seen them every summer they have been to Chicago since I was in high school. Like I said, favorite band. (Oh, it’s Rascal Flatts). This year I decided I wanted to sit in actual seats instead of the lawn-infested-underage-drunk-kids. It’s one show that I’ll actually WANT to enjoy and not worry about 15 yr old Sally Sue next to me throwing up on herself..again. (2 things I will miss about working at a concert venue: working with a large amount of my family & taking away drinks from underage kids). Anyway, I found tickets on StubHub in the DEAD CENTER..20th row. For $120 a piece (before processing fees and other ridiculous charges). UMM..well..hmph. Is that too much to spend? I’m in a battle with myself over this. The other seating tickets are about $90..and they’re center/left/right 2nd section in the back. Yes? No? Thoughts? SOMEONE HELP ME.

So, Rascal Flatts tickets?

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